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remote sensing and GIS applications
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We are greeting the visitors of our site and we hope that the remote sensing of the Earth in due course will become a customary and reliable source of the information for increase of a management efficiency by different areas of human activity. Let's to work together above your problems.

Yours faithfully,

director of SRIA-Centre

Victor Povkh


The South Regional Information & Analytical Centre is founded in 1998. By the purpose it puts development of the regional market of information products and services based on the remote sensing (RS) data.

The SRIA-Centre is assigned by the Russian Space Agency (RSA) as the accountable executive for creation of the space monitoring base components in the North-Caucasian region.

The SRIA-Centre has the small amicable collective of the interested people. All the persons have good background education in the different areas of knowledge such as radiophysics, optics, computer technology, telecommunication, ecology and all of them have real experience of RS activity.

The partners of the SRIA-Centre are the Russian Space Agency, the Association of Social and Economic co-operation of North Caucasus regions named "North Caucasus" and regional administrations. The nearest plan includes need to consolidate mutual understanding between suppliers of final RS products and the consumers. The large impulse to further development of local RS market will give the usage of the SRIA-Centre receiving station starting in 2000.

The SRIA-Centre suggest to create a regional Association of the suppliers and users of RS products and services. You can send any proposals concerning this project to


RS expert

Gennady Garbuzov, radiophysicist

Olga Lavrova, physicist

Eugine A. Vorobeichik, electrical engineer, IT
Igor V. Povkh, economist, ecologist



The South Regional Information & Analytical Centre

of. 34, 27, Budenovsky Ave.,
Rostov-na-Donu, 344082, RUSSIA

(+7 (863) 269-70-00
(+7 (863) 263-09-29


The RSA licence #305C from 4.10.1999

The Russian cartography licence UJG-00123 from 10.03.2000

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