Test measurements

The remote sensing methods is connected to definition of actual relations between parameters of an environment and spectral reflectance of objects. For construction of such relations it is necessary to conduct special test spectrometric experiments with sampling of large number of tests and subsequent laboratory analyses on many parameters. The SRIA-Centre carries out activities on creation of regional databases of test measurements.

Customer Information processing

The SRIA-Centre supports a remote sensing data analysis submitted the customer. The preference is returned to the projects bound with processing of multichannel space images. The data analysis can include following stages:

  • filtering operations and noise elimination
  • image registration and geometric correction
  • supervised or unsupervised classifications
  • export classification classes to GIS vector layers

The analysis contents and output production view agree in a requirement specification. With the applications for information processing address to


The development of the RS market envisions creation in the North-Caucasian region of a RS information system, including terrestrial and satellite telecommunication tools. Within the framework of a telecommunication segment of the market the SRIA-Centre provides customers with telecommunication systems. Telecommunication services available by